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 If you are interested in offering any level of training/course for Horseboarding it would be an advantage for you to become part of the ERHA. As the governing body of the sport we are able to offer a number of benefits; not least the accolade that comes with our reputation.
 To hold a club meeting you must have a suitable site and at least one instructor who has passed the minimum level Basic Horseboarding instructor course. 
  To be an EHRA approved instructor, of which there are three levels Basic , Intermediate and Advanced, you must pass the relevant ERHA course and subsequent written exam as well as demonstrating a good standard of teaching.
The purpose of this course is to ensure the instructor understands the training/safety processes used by the EHRA for both Horse and Board rider. It is vital that the relevant safety procedures and equipment are used in order to fit in with today’s need to follow Health and Safety Laws. 
The course is one day for each part (one day for the Basic Horse Instructor and one day for the Basic Boarder Instructor), plus one practical teaching assessment day where you will be running a club day at the National Horseboarding Centre. You can split the course between two instructors if you choose; one for the horse, one for the board or have one or more instructor train for both skills.
The Course is £150 per person per day and £50 for the club practical assessment day. This fee includes your EHRA membership. 
 There are currently four approved ERHA centres/clubs in the UK and another two awaiting approval.    
 Once you become an approved ERHA Club Centre with the relevant instructor/s you can benefit from our reputation, experience, knowledge, publicity and will be eligible for entry into our competitions held across the UK at some of the best venues. We will help you with your Health and Safety Policy and risk assessments, provide the necessary information on how to keep your equipment checks up to date and disclaimers correctly filled in. You will benefit from space on our website as well as all the publicity we receive, including all major equine magazines, newspapers, radio and TV coverage. In short we provide full support for all our Clubs as we want each and everyone to be as successful as possible. This sport is growing fast and the EHRA would like to ensure the good name of the sport continues so that many more people will become involved and enjoy, safely, Horseboarding.
Our affiliation and sponsorship with a major Equine Veterinary Practise has proved invaluable in the promotion of this activity.
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