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Round 6 Malvern Autumn Show 29th 30th September 2012
Last year the Malvern show was the venue for the season final. The event which attracts 66,000 over the two days was one of the most successful and surprising events of the summer. The races are held in the main arena and is arguably the fastest track of the season, with a slight decline in the area immediately after the start box the virtually perfectly level track only disturbed by the normal arena fence line which leaves a noticeable ridge cross the full width of the lanes about 30 meters from the start.
Last year saw Dead Pigeon break the current land speed horseboarding record with an unbelievable 37.1 Mph. It also saw Dead Pigeon in the fastest and most devastating  crash of the season when Ross lost control of his board at 34.4 Mph.
The early retirement of Ihorse due to Rohan having mild colic meant that Rohan had not truly been tested on this track so will be back with vengeance as this track suits the light framed ihorse.     

The unveiling of Ihorse’s second team Only Joking made history as the first team to have a competitive girl board rider.

 See footage from last years competition below. For more information please contact Emma on 07400887747.

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