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 Round Three of the National Horseboarding Championships is once again at the Three counties Show after being heralded one of the highlights of last year’s event and the event one of the biggest in the season with 100,000 spectators over the Three Days.

  All the Big names are planning to be there for this festival marathon of horseboarding last year seven teams ran 162 races over the course of the weekend. Just the pure number of races it takes to get in to the final saw the board riders push them selves and their boards to the limit.
 The Track its self, in Arena 6 is on a slight incline which benefits the bigger stronger horses The run off only 38 meters long one of the shortest in the season meaning board-riders have to ditch their boards quickly once over the finish line leading to some spectacular crashes in the run off area.
 Last year compatition saw Perfectly Frank helped along by his power and strength beating Ihorse in a dramatic sudden death final. This year Perfectly Frank has confirmed they are not racing next season so this contest is open. Ihorse of course have the pedigree however the storming Dead Pigeons who are just finding their feet with their newest horse, a horse they did not race at last year’s event but proved devastatingly fast in later competitions of the season breaking records all the way, However both Ihorse and Dead Pigeons are running very fine though bread race horse types and the Ginger Ninja is a clearly more powerful horse which should suit this inclined track if she can stay calm in the start box.

 Please follow link to see Daily Planet Canada’s coverage of the 2011 competition.    http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/daily-planet/october-2011/daily-planet---october-13-2011/#clip549301  

 If you would like to get involved or for any Further information please contact Emma Jones on 07400 887 747.


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