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Dan and Den, the equine men.

Friday, 4 August 2006

Take a horse, a wakeboard, put them together and what have you got? Obvious innit? Horse-surfing! Brit Daniel Fowler-Prime and some loony buddies recently combined the time-honoured thrill of galloping a horse on the beach with the booming new sport of wakeboarding. “We’ve invented the world’s newest extreme sport!” said Fowler-Prime, begging the question, is there anything not lauded as extreme these days? What next, extreme tiddleywinks?

“It's exhilarating! You're harnessing two of nature's powers – the speed of the horse and the motion of the sea,” said Denzil Williams, one of Daniel's collaborators. “It’s like environmentally friendly wakeboarding, there’s no need for a loud, smelly engine. And horses bring an unpredictability to the sport. I did it with one horse that was steady, but the next was all over the place like a wild stallion.”

A TV crew captured Daniel and Denzil hitting speeds of 45 ks at Watergate Bay in Cornwall and the footage was so compelling it prompted inquiries from as far away as South Africa. So great was the interest that Daniel's company Independent Horse has launched week-long courses to learn the sport. Is horse-surfing soon to replace kite-surfing as the latest must-try for thrill-seekers? Will it catch on at Bondi? Pipeline? Or alternatively, on a wet track at Doomben or Randwick?

Learn more at: www.independenthorse.com


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