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1. Rope Length
For beach runs rope length can be no more than 20 metres. Teams can judge their own optimum rope length to suit prevailing conditions within the 20 metre limit.
1.2. For lake runs and controlled condition runs, rope length to be 10 metres for all competitors.

2. Equipment & Safety
Both Horse rider and surfer should wear approved helmets.
2.2. All saddles, harnesses and ropes must be approved by the regulatory body.
2.3. Surfer to be of standard and competence certified by regulatory body.
2.4. Horse to be deemed fit and able by regulatory body.
2.5. Horse to be in possession of any required transportation documents and health documents.

3. The Discipline
The Discipline is judged by 3 Runs over a straight course of 200 metres. The Free Style & Tricks Discipline shall be judged by 3 judges reporting to the Chief Judge.

3.2. Teams take turns to complete each run: Team A – first run, Team B - first run; Team A – second run, Team B – second run etc.

4. The winner is the team with the highest combined score over the Runs.

5. Preparation for the Run
After surfer, equipment and horses have satisfied pre-event Equipment and Safety checks the Team reports to the Preparation Zone.
5.2. The Team prepares the horse, rider and surfer to wait their turn.

6. The Run
The Surfer and Dinghy Man enter the water and position themselves ready for the rope connection with the horse.
6.2. The Horse, Rider and Rope Man enter the Start Zone.
6.3. Entry into the Start Zone begins a 15 second countdown within which the Rope Man must a) connect the Horse with the Surfer via the Rope and b) The Run must begin.
6.4. Horse and the Surfer can only connect via the Rope within the 15 second period and only if the Horse is within the Start Zone.
6.5. The Run begins when the nose of the Horse passes the Start Post.
6.6. The Run is completed when the Surfer passes the Finish Post.

7. Void Run & Re-Rides
A Team’s run will be void if the 15 second Start Zone rule is broken.
7.2.1. A Team’s run will be void if either the Horse & Rider, the Surfer, or both fall.
7.2.2. If any team member of horse falls they cannot continue in the competition until they have been checked by a Doctor or a Vet.
7.3. A Team is allowed one fall in the Start Zone (a ‘false start’). The Horse must still be within the Start Zone.
7.4. Re-rides may be allowed at the discretion of judges for unsafe conditions, breaking of rope or other extraneous circumstances. Re-rides will not be granted if contestant’s personal equipment fails.


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