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Skegness will be holding the first horse surfing competition as apart of the X-fest.

This competition will take place on Saturday the 12th July and is free to all competitors.

Classes will be: Speed over water, freestyle and freestyle X. With speed overland as a possible.

At the moment there are four teams entred but dont worry if you dont have a horse to pull you or a boarder to pull, because this is a new sport with teams forming the infant steps we are matching boarders and horses through a draw on the friday night of the 11th at X fest the beach party.

Information about stables and extra camping can be found by contacting Dan 07796 150 329.

For more details about X-fest go to http://www.skegx.co.uk/

                                                                                                       Skegness X fest 2008 Results


Speed over Land  

      First Place went to  Kelly West riding Hurracan and towing Ali.  winning 4 poinst

      Second Place went to Paul Allison riding Rohan and Towing Arran Topham. winning 3 points

      Third Place went to  Samantha Hilton-Jones riding Luis Towing Thomas Kilroy. winnin 2 points

      Fourth Place. Julia West riding Bolaro Towing Ben . winning 1point.

 Speed over water     

      First Place went to Charlie Spence riding Tossca from Hilton Horses Towing Tom .  Winnin 4 points

     Second Place went to Daniel Fowler-Prime Riding Rohan and Towing Arren Topham. winning 3 points

     Third Place went to Samantha Hilton Jones Riding Luis.  winning 2 points


  Over all Champion Best Horse. Rohan  with 6 points from Independent Horse. 

  Over All Champion Best Surfer Arren Topham   with 6 points.                              




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