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Horse Boarding Speed Over Land Rules


This is a drag race over 100 meters between two horses and board riders.


Rope Length
The rope must be no longer than 10 meters.

Equipment & Safety
Both Horse rider and board rider should wear approved helmets.
All saddles, harnesses and ropes must be approved by the regulatory body.
Board rider to be of standard and competence certified by regulatory body.
Horse to be deemed fit and able by regulatory body.
Horse to be in possession of any required transportation documents and health documents. 

The Competition will first be held in heats.

Each heat will have no less than four horses in it. 

Each horse races every other horse in the heat twice . Once in Lane A. Once in Lane B.

Each Race Won is worth 2 points

Each Race completed with the board rider still on his or her board is worth 1 point.

There are no points if the board rider is not on the board on crossing the finish line.

There are no points if the horse rider falls off. Even if the board rider is still on the board and connected to the horse at the point the horse crosses the finish line.


The Race winner is decided by the three finish line officials and is based on the first board rider two cross the line. By majority.

The fourth official can be consulted if available. If not available then the majority stands and is final.    


The four highest scoring teams from each Heat will go through to the finals with the highest scoring from heat one racing the lowest scoring from heat two.


In the finals each team will race their opponent three times and an aggregate time for the three races will be calculated. With a 20 second penalty for each and rider fall.   


If timing equipment is not available then the three races will be decided using the point system from the heats.


In the event of a draw through a double crash in the point system then the race will be re-run in the pre selected lanes.


Be for each round of the finals the two teams will flip for their preferred starting lane.

The teams will change lane for each race.


The Finals are a knock out competition the fastest or highest scoring from each three races goes through to the next round.


 1st is worth 6 national Championship Points

 2nd is worth 5 national Championship Points

 3rd is worth 4 national Championship points

 4th is worth 3 national Championship points.

 5th is worth 2 national Championship points

 6th is worth 1 national Championship point


The Horse and Board rider (not horse rider) retain the points each in the event of a team change.

Team Change must be agreed to by the governing body and will only allowed if the team change is due to injury or availability.

Points from horse boarding competitions can be carried over to any other extreme horse riding association event and will count to the over all Extreme Horse Riding Champion. However points form other classes e.g. horse surfing will not be added to points in the National Horse Boarding Championship.


Advantage rule

This rule states that the first horse to connect to the rope has the “advantage” if the second horse does not connect to the rope in the three minute time limit then the horse with the advantage automatically wins that race.

In the event of the second horse connecting to the rope with in the time limit but the first horse needing to be disconnected throw the hesitation of the second horse. The first keeps advantage and is given a continuation. Continuation is an added 3 mins to connect their horse. During which time the rider must make good effort to connect. In the event of the horse not being connected by the end of the continuation then the horse with the advantage automatically wins. Unless the start judge deems that not enough effort was made to connect during the continuation period.




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